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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:37 am    Post subject: Rook  Reply with quote

Character Sheet

Name: Rook

Age: 24

Appearance: 5' 10'', thin build with hazel eyes and black hair that's already greying.  His neck, shoulders, and back are covered in pox scars from the Weeping Plague that swept the city in his youth.  His left hand was broken by a rival gang and never healed right, but bears a tattoo proclaiming his own gang membership.  His lean face and crooked nose are most memorable for the scars accumulated over a rough lifetime.

Occupation and skills: Burglar, Thief, Pickpocket, Survivor, and Dabbler of Natural Philosophy.  He knows how to not get caught, how to climb buildings, how to pick mechanical locks, and how to play off people's assumptions.  He's read more than most in his position.  

Background: Rook grew up an urchin and a thief.  He spent most of his life running or hiding, and got pretty good at it.  By the time he was eighteen he hatched a plan to buy an education and pursue a better life, but things unraveled and he fell in with Comarra's street gangs just as their rivalries became terrifyingly brutal.

Do Not Want:
-Weight Gain
-Permanent Inanimate (well, unless that's the end of Rook)
-Bimbo Stuff
-Rabbit, Canine, or Rodent Anthro

Do Want:
-Exotic, fantasy race change
-Extra Bits
-Removed Bits
-Snake/Cat/Cow/Other Anthro
-Exotic Modifications
-Some Time as Inanimate
-Rook will try to play things smart. That should backfire occasionally.

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